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  1. Vietnam wholesale indoor plant basket suppliers
  2. Range of popular woven plant baskets from Vietnam
  3. Why choosing Vietnam indoor plant baskets?
  4. Why choosing Vietnam handicraft SoulSante manufacturer, exporter, and supplier?

Obviously, there are millions of amazing indoor and outdoor woven planters in the global market. However, the wicker plant baskets from Vietnam have come to the top spot of global customer’s trust and favor, due to wonderfully high-quality material and wicker products, cost-effective and smooth transaction. Let’s explore more about these facts of Vietnam woven plant baskets and how to choose the top trusted handcrafted Vietnam woven planters wholesale supplier in this article.

1. Vietnam wholesale indoor plant basket suppliers

In fact, hundreds of indoor plant basket wholesale suppliers or manufacturers are established and located across Vietnam. Mostly they collect raw materials from rustic villages, then deliver them to factories, and by the skillful hands of artisans. Then, they make beautiful, high-quality, and functional indoor woven plant baskets for home décor and green living purposes.

If you are looking for the top trusted wicker indoor plant basket wholesale supplier with high-quality, cost-effective, and good customer service, do deeper research yourself, find valuable information from the internet. Also, google directly to the seagrass belly plant baskets wholesale supplier website and checkup authority information, contact directly to Vietnam woven planters manufacturing companies.

Furthermore, in some cases, you can go through some agencies in your own country or in Vietnam, through site,, google, and international markets meetings…etc.

Ensure you have all trusted information of registered Vietnam wicker indoor plant basket or woven basket planters wholesale suppliers’ documents. Whether they are capable of exporting high-quality woven planters and other handcrafted products or not.


2. Range of popular woven plant baskets from Vietnam

Various plant baskets materials:

Recently, Vietnam handicraft manufacturers produce various types of indoor plant baskets from seagrass, rattan, bamboo, and water hyacinth materials. While the indoor seagrass plant basket is the most popular one, the indoor rattan woven planters come to the second spot.

The range of popular Vietnam woven baskets for plants could be seagrass belly baskets, rattan wicker plant baskets, and animal seagrass belly basket planters. Those different types of wicker plant baskets have different colors, sizes, functions, and shapes. The most favorite woven planters are usually in natural brown color, belly shape, some are colored by white, black, or grey color.  The variety of those woven planters from Vietnam could meet all the unique requirements and tastes of customers around the world. Let’s see some typical types of wicker plant baskets pictures below:

Animal seagrass plant basket

animal seagrass plant basket

“Animal seagrass plant basket.”

Indoor woven basket planter

woven basket planter

“Indoor woven basket planter.”

Seagrass indoor plant baskets

seagrass indoor plant baskets

“Seagrass indoor plant baskets.”

Seagrass belly plant basket

seagrass belly plant basket

“Seagrass belly plant basket.”


See more benefits of plant basket in your home living below attached article:

Wicker plant baskets add greenery to home living

3. Why choosing Vietnam indoor plant baskets?

In the various range of woven baskets manufacturing industry worldwide, Vietnam plant baskets, woven seagrass planters, rattan plant baskets are taking a crucial role and large scale in the people’s living spaces. So, let’s discuss the reasons behind this spike and the trend of indoor wicker plant baskets from the Vietnam brand.

Why are woven plant basket from Vietnam is world’s favorite in home decor?

We can see some obvious outstanding characters of woven baskets made of seagrass and rattan from Vietnam. Let’s discuss some good points of the Vietnam wicker indoor plant basket here:

High-quality natural seagrass and rattan materials from Vietnam

Seagrass and rattan materials in Vietnam are mostly natural- grown in the forest fields and on farmer’s lands with hundreds of thousands of hectares across the country. The seagrass & rattan fiber is strong and durable, also flexible to bend and weave. That makes Vietnam’s natural materials have the high-quality worldwide.

Sustainability and availability of natural material sources from Vietnam

Due to the suitable and rich of Vietnam land soils, the seagrass & rattan fields are grown widely from North to South of Vietnam, the source of the natural materials is sustainable and available throughout the year. Also, because of the fast-growing Vietnam handicraft exporting industry, the government has encouraged more farmers, and manufacturers to cover larger lands with rattan, seagrass, and bamboo plants and boosting these eco-friendly handcrafted products and wooden furniture to a larger scale of the export sector in the whole export industry.

Competitive cost of Vietnam wicker plant baskets

Because the rattan and seagrass material are hugely available, and sustainable, also with the high numbers of woven basket planters manufacturers established in Vietnam. Those factors have made seagrass basket planters, and rattan wicker plant baskets from Vietnam are reasonable prices and high-competitive among other woven planters suppliers in the world.

In addition, in Vietnam, usually, the manufacturing companies work with natural material growth farmers to ensure the availability and sustainability of raw materials. This whole inside process line makes Vietnam woven plant baskets more cost-effective and sustainable.

Easy transportation and shipping process

As Vietnam is located along the Pacific Ocean, and in the Southeast Asian region, where nearly the middle of the world map, ocean shipping to other countries around the world is so easy, and cheap cost. In addition, the transportation system and infrastructure in Vietnam are smooth and modern, which makes shipping more time-saving and efficient.

Some benefits of the free trade agreements between Vietnam and other nations around the world.

With the efforts of the Vietnam government in building trust nations around the world relationships. Since then, Vietnam has joined 13 free trade agreements, the common names are listed below:

 Europe-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA)

ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA)

Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTTP)


Those free trade agreements help Vietnam and partners to boost the economy in export and import manufacturing products more effective, cheaper sources and reduce tariffs. Especially, handicraft exporting from Vietnam is increasing in large number including woven plant baskets.

4. Why choosing Vietnam handicraft SoulSante manufacturer, exporter, and supplier.

If you are searching for a trusted and high-quality handicraft manufacturer or exporter from Vietnam to import Eco-friendly indoor wicker plant baskets, look no further, contact us. We (SoulSante company) are one of the top trusted handcrafted production manufacturing companies in Vietnam, we are capable of producing and exporting large quantity woven basket planters with high-quality goods, cost-effective, time-saving with the best customer services.

Come to visit our product categories on our website for more details and other unique and functional handcrafted homewares products from natural materials.

Why choosing Vietnam handicraft exporter SoulSante?

We care for a green environment, sustainable resources, and healthy living space for humans.

We are drive to bring the most positive and possible solutions to our customer’s needs globally. Our aim is to make our customers satisfied, contribute our best to improve human’s quality of life and maintain our green earth.

We are export expertise

We work with diversified customers around the world and have strong connections with other export agencies in Vietnam. From those experiences, we understand well the supply chain requirements and all other import & export concerns such as shipping, and packaging globally standards.

We provide the best customer service

Our top priority is our customer satisfaction. So, we always ensure to deliver reliable, quick responses, leave the best customer experience, and meet customer’s demands.

Sustainability of material supply chain and production line

We have sustainable natural material sources and strong connections with rustic villages and farmers across Vietnam, to ensure the availability of raw material sources, the production line, and employees.

We provide high-quality woven plant baskets

We always research and develop new ideas to meet the creativity and usefulness of natural woven plant baskets and other handcrafted products in the market.

How to purchase our woven seagrass planters, indoor plant basket, and other handicraft items wholesale?

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