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  1. Why bamboo kitchen utensils can replace stainless steel kitchen tools?
  2. The benefits of using eco-friendly bamboo kitchen utensils
  3. Different types of bamboo kitchen utensils
  4. Vietnam bamboo utensils manufacturer and wholesale supplier.


The benefits of Eco-friendly bamboo kitchen utensils replacing stainless steel utensils

Interesting facts, bamboo wooden is produced to make many different useful products for a human living since ancient age till modern life, bamboo wooden can make bamboo furniture, bamboo utensils, and many more benefits of bamboo in our living.

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Eco-friendly Benefits of Bamboo

In this article, we will discuss the benefits and potential future of bamboo wooden utensils in our life, also the reasons why we can absolutely replace stainless steel kitchenware with bamboo utensils.

1. Why bamboo kitchen utensils can replace stainless steel kitchen tools?

In the kitchen, we used to using stainless steel kitchenware for cooking for some conveniences and good works of stainless steel. However, nowadays human life is affected by fossil fuel, gas emission, air and water pollution, environmental pollution…, to reduce those issues, we need to take actions to reduce environmental pollution, protect our clean and healthy living space. Using eco-friendly products to replace those metal products is a great way to contribute to our help to have a better living environment.

When coming to eco-friendly products, bamboo utensils are one of these amazing eco-friendly products, bamboo kitchen utensils have lots of great usefulness, and can replace metal utensils very well.

 We will discuss some great benefits of bamboo utensils here.


2. The benefits of using eco-friendly bamboo kitchen utensils

Beautiful and eco-friendly look

The skillful artisans and employees of bamboo kitchen utensils factories have created and designed the most useful, convenient, and good-looking bamboo cutlery and bamboo utensils, in order to compete with stainless steel kitchenware.

Therefore, bamboo utensils designs are looking great, eco-friendly, and bring a natural feel and touch to your kitchen and dining tables. You can proudly display them on the dining table on special occasions when inviting friends to the party, or you would definitely display them on the kitchen wall for convenient cooking.

Bamboo utensils do not conduct heat

 When cooking, as a habit you usually leave a metal spoon, or tong on a hot pan, pot for sometimes, then it becomes hot to touch as it conducts heat, this means it could burn your hand. However, we should not be worried with bamboo wooden utensils as they do not conduct heat. Therefore, bamboo spoon, bamboo tongs, bamboo chopsticks are great for cooking dishes which requires lots of stirring like soup and frying.


Bamboo utensils are long live-shelf, durable, and high level of sanitation

Bamboo kitchen utensils are well-known for their functional, durable, Eco-Friendly, easy to wash and maintain. Also, bamboo resists retaining water and as a result, will not warp or crack as easily as normal wood.

It has a high level of sanitation and long live-shelf, resists knife scarring, and naturally resists water penetration and letting bacteria find a place to form.


No scratches

Stainless steel utensils are easy to get scratched, but bamboo kitchenware does not get scratched easily. As bamboo spoon, bamboo fork, bamboo tongs, and other bamboo utensils are soft and flexible on most cooking surfaces. Even when you wash bamboo cutlery toughly, they are still maintained evenly and great-looking surfaces.



Because bamboo wooden material cost is reasonable, so bamboo utensils are affordable. You can purchase many utensils made of bamboo on a small budget as little as metal ones.


Eco-friendly products

Bamboo wooden material is a natural resource. Choosing bamboo products is ideal as the bamboo plant is biodegradable. Bamboo plants grow faster than normal trees, and sustainably, choosing bamboo utensils is a great way to reduce forest destruction and maintain an eco-friendly green living. Also, it helps to reduce using plastic or metal products which causes pollution to our environment.


Stain and odor resistant

Nowadays bamboo utensils are well-known to many people as it is odor and stain-resistant, while metal utensils may get stains and absorb odor for a long time.


Safe and unscratched for non-stick cooking pan, pot

When cooking on a non-stick pan, pot, we are afraid of touching it with a metal spoon, forks or tongs, because it could leave scratches on the surface and create an unhealthy Teflon chemical in our food.

However, bamboo spoons, bamboo tongs, and bamboo forks are absolutely safe for non-stick pans, pots as this bamboo kitchenware do not leave marks on the cooking surfaces.


3. Different types of bamboo kitchen utensils

From bamboo wooden material, manufacturing companies can produce a wide range of bamboo products like bamboo kitchenware, bamboo utensils, and bamboo cutlery with different styles, sizes, kitchen functions, and looks. All of the bamboo products are high quality, durable, and functional.

That bamboo kitchenware is ranged from bamboo tongs, bamboo knives & forks, bamboo cutting boards, bamboo cutlery, to bamboo spoons, bamboo teaspoons, spun bamboo plates, spun bamboo bowls, bamboo trays, and so on. Let’s see have a look at the list of real photos of bamboo kitchenware below:

Bamboo tongs

bamboo tongs

                                                                             Bamboo tongs for salad picking 

Bamboo knives & forks

Bamboo knives & forks

                                                                                      Bamboo knives & forks

Bamboo spoons

Bamboo spoons

                                                                                   Bamboo spoons

Spun bamboo bowls

Spun Bamboo Dinning Bowls-SBB-01

                                                                               Spun Bamboo Dinning Bowls

Spun bamboo plates

Salad Spun Bamboo Kitchen Plates/Trays- BP-01

                                                                         Salad Spun Bamboo Kitchen Plates

Spun bamboo trays

Natural Rectangle Spun Bamboo Trays-BT-01

                                                                         Natural Rectangle Spun Bamboo Trays-BT-01


Bamboo chopping boards

Natural Bamboo Chopping Board-BCB-01

                                                                                       Bamboo cutting boards

4. Vietnam bamboo utensils manufacturer and wholesale supplier

As a popular manufacturing hub globally, Vietnam is becoming an important country that manufactures goods and products to the world with many different types of industries. As a result, Vietnam is also well-known for high-quality and capable handicraft, furniture, and especially bamboo products factories.

To find a good and trusted bamboo products and bamboo kitchenware manufacturer from Vietnam is not hard work, it just requires you some deep searching on the internet and efforts. For example, you can look for a trusted Vietnam bamboo kitchenware wholesale supplier or manufacturer on Alibaba site, google searching, through some sourcing agents in your countries or from Vietnam, and so on.

Vietnam bamboo products wholesale suppliers and manufacturing companies are located from north to south of this country, they collect bamboo materials from farmers and villages, then they manufacture bamboo kitchenware, bamboo furniture, and other bamboo products.

Good news if you come to this article and look for a trusted bamboo kitchen utensil manufacturer, wholesale supplier from Vietnam. We proudly introduce our company to you, we are a handicraft manufacturing company in Vietnam, we produce and supply in bulk a wide range of natural materials made household products, and especially we supply bamboo kitchenware, bamboo raw material, bamboo poles, and other bamboo utensils.

Do not hesitate to look deeper into our high-quality products and information. We are happy to serve you with our best and great customer service.

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