Handmade Bamboo Rattan Products sourcing 3


We have a strong connection and wide network with many capable and well-qualified factories across Vietnam. We specialize in sourcing a wide range of products from natural handicraft items, wooden furniture, raw natural materials, seafood & fish, to textile products.

Handmade Bamboo Rattan Products sourcing 3
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Thoughtfully, by the name SoulSanté, we completely understand the difficulties that our customers might face when seeking manufacturers in Vietnam, due to a list of challenges such as language barrier, culture difference, long-distance, legal restrictions, and so on. As a result, we have observed, researched, and connected with many operations overseas to acknowledge, then find the best solution between parties. Therefore, we established our services to meet the current demands of sourcing in Vietnam.

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What we offer?

As an enthusiastic, local entrepreneur in Vietnam with experienced expertise, and knowledgeable representatives, we understand all the needs of our potential customers and organizations around the world when looking for manufacturing in Vietnam. Come to us, we make manufacturing in Vietnam a simple, profitable, hassle-free experience for you, we will discuss and analyze your needs and requirements, then we offer valuable solutions to your issues and make a win-win deal at the most reasonable cost. For us, client satisfaction is our priority.

We will connect you with the right factory for your made-to-order project, make sure the manufacturer meets your criteria with the quality control and the best result. We always choose the best one for our customer at the most competitive price with time – efficiency and reducing additional cost.

Moreover, we monitor the production process, apply the quality-control, and test final products for you.  We are happy to assist you in any stage of the process, also are willing to assist you with document collection and any legal paper requirement for shipment to final destination or seaport.

Natural Fresh Water Hyacinth sourcing
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Our strong connection and relationship with local factories

We have built and maintained sustainable partnerships with more than 30 local factories around Vietnam with a wide range of product niche markets, especially Eco-Friendly products, wood furniture, textile products and seafood. All of our partnerships are qualified, trustworthy, and capable of producing the best quality product at the most competitive price.

Sourcing process

Our sourcing process

Step 1: Project analysis

At this first step, we receive our client’s project information and requirements. We discuss all the details of specifications with our clients through email, or any possible communication tools.

Step 2: Factory evaluation

After analyzing all the project specifications, we will check and find the best factory that meets the requirements of client.

Step 3: Proposal

We will work carefully with chosen factories on the most cost efficient and solutions for the projects, then we will offer you a quotation and timeline details.

Step 4: Sampling checking

Once the quotation is approved, we will ask factories to make samples according to the client’s specifications and monitor the sample process. Our Quality – Control staff will adjust, and test the samples till meeting our client’s satisfactions and send to them.

Step 5: Mass production monitoring

Once the samples are received & approved, and the order is confirmed, we will start on producing mass production with the high standard of quality control and time efficiency to deliver the best quality products. Our Quality-Control staff will check the production process at local factories on daily basis, and ensure the most efficient results.

Sourcing process