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Rattan indoor furniture in interior design trend

Rattan coffee table-RCFT-01

Rattan indoor furniture outstands the interior design world


  1. Why is rattan indoor furniture becoming popular in the modern home décor trends?
  2. How to clean & keep long life new look of rattan indoor furniture
  3. List of common rattan furniture interior design
  4. Displacing wicker rattan furniture items in home décor


      Rattan indoor furniture-RF04  “Natural woven rattan sofa couch furniture.”

Rattan indoor furniture has become an outstanding interior design aspect in home decoration recently. Due to its amazingly rattan material characteristics, availability, and flexibility to make furniture. Let’s dive deeper into the wonderful rattan furniture world in this article.

1. Why is rattan indoor furniture becoming popular in the modern home décor trends?

The reasons behind the outbreak trend of rattan indoor furniture are quite varied. It is range from the great characteristic of natural rattan material, the availability, and sustainability to its reasonable cost. Let’s discuss more of those amazing outstanding benefits and characteristics of rattan in making furniture and other handwoven rattan products.

Rattan material characteristic

Rattan is one of the most common materials in making furniture from ancient times till now it is still a favorite in home décor items. The raw rattan material is not only lightweight but also flexible, rattan can be easily bent and woven into a wide range of shapes and patterns.

Moreover, rattan furniture is durable, can leave indoor or outdoor under extreme weather like tropical or cold weather, and even rain, outside for years. Rattan cane can be painted in any color and painting rattan helps to keep rattan furniture long-life.

The sustainability and availability of wicker rattan furniture

Due to the well-known of rattan furniture and easy rattan grow plants, Rattan plants and materials has available in many tropical countries and in the world, but it is more available and used in South East Asia region, especially Vietnam.

In Vietnam, the rattan plant is grown both in natural forests and in farm fields across from North to South, it is available largely throughout the year. The local rattan harvested farmers collect, dry, and sell to rattan-producing manufacturing companies. Therefore, rattan places an essential role in the income of Vietnam farmers, helps them have a stable income, and maintain a rustic lifestyle.

Also, the sustainability of rattan material assists the local artisans and employees of handicraft manufacturers to have stable jobs and income, boosting and maintaining the traditional art and skill of those handicraft villages and wicker rattan furniture industries of Vietnam. By the skillful hands of artisan and experienced workers, rattan canes are made into outstanding unique rattan indoor furniture, adding a gorgeous and traditional appearance to home living.


 Because of the rattan’s largely availability and sustainability, rattan material is quite reasonable and cheap. As the result, the rattan indoor furniture, general rattan furniture, rattan armchair, rattan couch sofa, and other rattan woven products are quite reasonable and affordable as well, cheaper than other natural furniture materials in general.

Therefore, rattan furniture is favored to replace other furniture materials for decades, because of its lightweight, easy to bent and weave, cheap cost, and durable, yet elegant appearance.


2. How to clean & keep long life new look of rattan indoor furniture

How to clean eco-friendly rattan indoor furniture?

Because of the rattan indoor furniture construction techniques, there are many corners, areas on rattan indoor furniture that can get dust. Therefore, natural rattan indoor furniture should be cleaned by dusting with an upholstery brush regularly like on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

Also, a thorough cleaning should be approached on a monthly basiss by using a damp cloth. Certainly, if any food, drink, or mud stains happened, rattan indoor chairs and tables should be cleaned immediately for long-life purpose, and beauty look.

How to keep long life new look of rattan indoor furniture?

To maintain the long-life and new appearance of rattan indoor furniture, it is crucial not to scratch on wicker rattan furniture surfaces, not to drag rattan couch sofa and chair across the floor, lift the wicker rattan furniture carefully.

Moreover, avoiding the direct heat and long period of the direct sun of possible to avoid color fading.

Placing pillows and cushions on wicker rattan couch sofa and rattan armchair to reduce the heavyweight of humans, prevent scratches, and prevent rattan furniture from too much bending over.


3. List of common rattan furniture interior design

The list of common rattan indoor furniture is various in the home décor and interior design world. It can range from popular rattan couch sofa, woven rattan armchair, woven rattan, rattan coffee table, rattan patio furniture, rattan corner dining set, nest rattan furniture set to rattan Papasan chair and frame.

Let’s go deeper into details and features of rattan indoor furniture in home décor and living space.

Nest rattan couch sofa

Rattan indoor furniture-RF05 ” Nest rattan couch sofa.”

Look at this nest rattan couch sofa and its feature

This natural woven rattan sofa couch is made of 100% high-quality rattan material from Vietnam, designed with 3 or 4 seats, long rectangle shape, armed upholstered seat, with natural wooden color frames and white cushion.

Handwoven rattan sofa couch is Eco-Friendly, durable, light, luxury, and cozy look, ideal for 3 or 4 people seating and relaxing indoor areas, decorating cafe shop, living room, indoor lounge or cafe shops.

Rattan coffee table furniture


Rattan coffee table furniture: RCTF02

                                                                             “Rattan coffee tables and chairs.”


This natural handwoven rattan coffee table is high-quality, designed with single seat chairs, round glassed table, with black color.

Handwoven rattan coffee table is Eco-Friendly, durable, light, luxurious and cozy appearance, ideal for seating and relaxing indoor or outdoor areas, living room, kitchen siting, decorating cafe shop, outdoor lounge area, outside garden furniture decor.

It is comfortable and perfect for relaxing for family members or customers at café shops, adding a high mark to your home or cafe decoration, adding high value to your house or cafe shops.


Rattan Papasan Chair Frame & Cushion

Rattan papasan chair-RC02

                                                         ” Woven rattan Papasan chair frame & cushion.”


This natural handwoven rattan papasan chair frame & cushion  is beautifully designed with single seats, round shapes, chosen by different colors frames and cushions. Rattan Papasan chair frame is in the oval Papasan shape, colored by natural wooden color, and comes with a beautiful white cushion.

Natural rattan Papasan chair frame is Eco-Friendly, durable, light, luxurious, and elegant appearance, ideal for seating and relaxing indoor or outdoor areas, or laying baby on it. It is comfortable and perfect for a laidback time after a long working day or on the weekend.

Natural woven rattan armchair

Rattan furniture-RF01

                                                                            “Woven wicker rattan armchair.”

This beautiful woven rattan armchair is Eco-Friendly, durable, light, luxury and elegant look, ideal for seating and relaxing indoor areas, home decor, libraries function. Handwoven rattan armchair is comfortable and a perfect element to enhance quality laidback time with family and friends, also it is great for café shops design, adding a high mark to your home living space or cafe decoration.

Woven nest rattan furniture set

Net Rattan furniture set-RFS01

                                                                             “Woven nest rattan furniture set.”


This woven nest rattan furniture set is a set of 4 pieces including 1 couch sofa long rectangle shape, 2 rattan upholstered armchairs, and one round rattan table with different colors frames and cushions by choice.

They are a perfect set choice for living room or garden decoration, boosting home design style to top-notch of the homeowner. Enhance natural feel and traditional as well as modern interior design into your living space.


4. Displacing wicker rattan furniture items in home décor

Wicker rattan furniture not only refreshes your living room with an airy feel but also brings a natural feel and calm your bedroom space. It is absolutely easy to arrange any rattan furniture products in your home, choosing suitable wicker rattan furniture items depends on your style and taste.

For instance, in the living room, we can arrange a woven rattan couch sofa and rattan armchair for natural and modern interior design purpose.

In your bedroom, you definitely can place a rattan Papasan chair and rattan bed frame along with a rattan table. Adding natural rattan furniture to your sleeping space, can make you calm and get easy to sleep.

                                                                        “Rattan furniture for bedroom decor”

In the kitchen area, rattan dining chairs and stools can amazingly place in the seated area, there are many gorgeous rattan dining chairs in the market for you to choose from with different styles and colors.

wicker rattan furniture kitchen decor

                                   “Wicker rattan furniture kitchen decor.” 

At the lounge area or study room, the rattan lounge table and chair are the perfect choice for homeowners to select and displace that natural rattan furniture in designing.

Moreover, the rattan outdoor furniture like the rattan outdoor couch sofa is an outstanding appearance in your garden or outdoor design and relaxing station. Don’t ignore the rattan outdoor couch sofa when coming to searching for outdoor furniture.

Rattan outdoor couch sofa-RCSF02

                                                            “Rattan outdoor couch sofa furniture.”

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