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Natural Handmade Home Décor Seagrass Vase SGV04

Seagrass material and seagrass products introduction

Seagrass weaving, the material to make the fashion from the deep of the ocean, with the high demand and creativity of the western market & fashion updated trends, seagrass baskets, seagrass matting, and other seagrass products are becoming popular among the consumers who care for Eco-friendly products and natural feel and look in their living home.

Seagrass raw materials have plenty of benefits and with its great textile structure, it helps to craft many home décor products for our living conveniences such as seagrass baskets, seagrass matting, seagrass rug, and seagrass wall décor…etc.

The information in this article helps you to find out the seagrass characteristic and how to find good quality seagrass products wholesale suppliers in Vietnam.

1.Seagrass material and its amazing fiber character to weave for household items.

Natural seagrass farming


 The natural growth of seagrass plant

Seagrass raw materials are sustainable and popular in Southeast Asia, especially in Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines. Seagrass plants grow naturally along with the salty coastal soils and in Vietnam they grow a lot from central to northern regions, especially the seagrass fibers are most seen in Thai Binh and Thanh Hoa province.

 Amazing fiber character of seagrass to weave for household items

The seagrass fiber textile is amazingly durable, silk, and soft, making it the greatest material to weave home products like woven baskets, seagrass woven matting, seagrass wall décor, seagrass rugs, and so forth.

Natural Raw Seagrass Material-SG-01

                                                                     Natural Raw Seagrass Material-SG-01

2.Different styles of seagrass weavings

In Vietnam, seagrass farmers and manufacturers make several types of seagrass raw materials from soft, thinner to thicker and stronger criterial to meet different product purposes.

Let’s look at these styles of seagrass weavings below:

Coiled seagrass

Round Star Seagrass Basket-SWB02

                                                                          Coiled seagrass wall decor basket /plate 

Pressed seagrass

Pressed seagrass baskets

                                                                              Handwoven pressed seagrass baskets 

Twisted seagrass

Twisted seagrass baskets

                                                                               Twisted seagrass baskets

Split seagrass

Split seagrass round placemat

                                                                                  Split seagrass round placemat

Braided seagrass

Handwoven braided seagrass tray

                                                                          Handwoven braided seagrass tray


You can purchase those kinds of seagrass materials, seagrass baskets, and other seagrass handwoven products wholesale from Vietnam factories.

3. How to choose the best quality of seagrass weaving products from Vietnam

Step 1: Look for seagrass material source and the reputation of that seagrass growth region

  • Before purchasing the seagrass material wholesale or handwoven seagrass products, you might need to check its authenticity, main source, and the regions that they are made from. In Vietnam, for example, the seagrass from Nga Son district (from Thanh Hoa province) are known as the highest quality seagrass and the biggest areas.

Step 2: Check the quality of seagrass fiber cane through its color, thickness, flexibility, preservation process from the seagrass factories.

  • Even though after checking seagrass original and authenticity made, you also should dive deeper in checking quality process at final seagrass products characteristics such as checking carefully the seagrass outlook color, the thickness, preservation process from the factory. That’s because sometimes the seagrass can get mouldy, over baking under the sun, or too weak and too soft…
  • Ensure you check carefully every single item through the quality control process or check the factory production line to meet your high-quality demand of products.
  • Also seek for broken or scratched areas of products if any available, deny taking those imperfect items, just select the best unscratched finished seagrass products.

Step 3: Check the variety of seagrass handwoven products and production quality control from the manufacturing company.

Finally, check if the seagrass manufacturing company produces a variety of handwoven seagrass products or not, the wide range of seagrass products would be the popular seagrass baskets, seagrass wall décor, seagrass laundry basket, seagrass vases, seagrass rugs, seagrass matting, seagrass storage baskets, seagrass to seagrass handbag, seagrass walking slippers, seagrass hats, seagrass bins and so forth.

The more products made of seagrass the manufacturer supplies the better quality that company seems to be because, with more products they make, it seems they purchase a lot of seagrass raw material and check carefully for high-quality seagrass fiber. Moreover, do not forget to ask the factory to let you see the process of quality control and production monitor of their production line.

Host room square seagrass rug-HSR-01

                                                                   Host room square seagrass rug-HSR-01

4. Find the trusted handwoven seagrass matting and seagrass baskets manufacturers in Vietnam

There are many good and trusted seagrass baskets and seagrass matting manufacturers, suppliers, and wholesalers in Vietnam. However, it can be a tough task to choose without any guide from local Vietnamese, experts, or any trusted references, or you are completely new to Vietnam market import and export business.

To make it easier for importers around the world when seeking to import seagrass baskets, seagrass rugs, and other seagrass products from original Vietnam factories or wholesale suppliers, we have made some guidelines for you to follow if you are confused to select the good ones.

There would be several sources and places to look for when seeking the trusted and high-quality seagrass material and seagrass baskets manufacturing companies in Vietnam, the list is below with good and verified sources:

  • Check on Alibaba: Look for 5 star and gold member suppliers, check the company capacity, production line, the number of employees, and its location in Vietnam.
  • Search on google:

    Search and go direct to the organic website of the seagrass product manufacturing companies from Vietnam, check all of their reputations, their representation, products, location, and company register, conduct them to check if they are real and can be trust.

  • Find on E-commerce stores:

You can redirect to seagrass wholesalers from some good E-commerce stores such as Amazon, Ebay, Esty, Shopify, and so forth, then check the sales and the products made an address, type directly the address on google and contact that manufacturing company to make a business deal.

  • Contact with some local sourcing agents

    Search and contact directly some high trusted sourcing agents in Vietnam through their good service reviews, their reputation, with the small fee they can help you to deal directly with the good seagrass factories in Vietnam.

  • Leave your company contact and seagrass product seeking on some international trade deals between Vietnam and your country or region:

The staff work in the trade deal organization will help you to verify the trusted Vietnam manufacturing companies or wholesale suppliers and then will make the connection between you and those factories.

The purpose of these international trade deal organizations is to increase the business deals between their countries, make a good reputation with the win-win result, they would not ask you for any fee at all. So this is a good way to seek trusted seagrass products manufacturers in Vietnam while you are sitting in your office on the other side of the world.

  • Join in some local industry events:

There are some industry events showrooms hold yearly in your country or other nations, register your company and take part in that event can help you easily select the good seagrass manufacturing companies from Vietnam. Because some good and big Vietnam manufacturing companies usually register and join in those events to introduce their products, marketing their business to the global market, in order to increase the sales and brand awareness.

In addition, to save your precious time, you absolutely can come to our manufacturing company, we are happy to assist you with your needs regarding sourcing seagrass products from Vietnam manufacturing suppliers. We are one of the most trusted and high-value handicraft products factory in the southern part of Vietnam.

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