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Wicker plant baskets add greenery to home living

Seagrass belly plant baskets

Decorate home living with indoor plant baskets


  1. Bring more green to home living with an indoor plant basket

  2. Benefits of decorating home with indoor plants

  3. The way to place woven plant baskets with indoor plant pots

  4. Wholesale wicker plant basket supplier and manufacturer from Vietnam

Seagrass plant basket

                                                                               “Handwoven seagrass plant baskets.”

Bring the outdoor in with indoor plants covered by a plant basket is a great way to add more green and natural look & feel to your living space. There are many benefits of this amazing feature. Let’s discover more of its interesting facts and ways to decorate them in this article.

1. Bring more green to home living with indoor plant baskets

Decorate your house or office with indoor plant baskets not only make the living space or working space more inviting, relaxing, and luxurious, they also make your living’s air healthier and calm feeling.

Indoor plants add greenery to modern living areas, they help to reduce stress and create calm & relaxing working spaces by providing more oxygen and clean the air, adding a green look to the space.

To make the indoor plants more beautiful and unique look, we definitely should cover indoor plants with plant baskets which are made of different materials such as seagrass, rattan and water hyacinth…etc. These wicker plant baskets make a more luxurious and modern look & feel.

2. Benefits of decorating home with indoor plants

There are many different kinds of indoor plants that we can choose to put in our home such as the list below:

  • Spider plant
  • Aloe Vera
  • Dieffenbachia
  • Snack plant
  • Paddle Plant
  • Peperomia
  • Devil’s ivy
  • Lady palm
  • Agloenema Chinese Evergreen
  • Yucca
  • Peace Lily
  • ZZ Plant

In the world of indoor plants, we cannot deny the benefits of indoor plants to our home living. They contribute an enormous great impact to our health and living space such as the indoor plants provide oxygen inside your house or working space, they clean and purify the air, create high air quality.

Moreover, the indoor basket planters make people healthier by breathing fresh and clean air inside their home, or office, also those gorgeous wicker plant baskets make your living or working areas more unique, cozy, and luxurious look. They not only add benefits to homeowners but also bring a good feel to the guests, make homeowners proud of their decoration, and taste of fashion and living sense.

Personally, I am very impressed if I step into any houses, offices, or café shops with indoor plant decorations, I also decorate my indoor living with several indoor plants. It makes me feel calm, relaxed, and upbeat mood when having stress after a long day at work.

Love green and live well is a slogan of our company, so let’s love green, add more greenery and live well in this modern stressful life.


3. The way to place woven plant baskets with indoor plant pots

How to place indoor plants inside your house?

Step 1: Place the indoor plant in a regular container or a pot with a drainage hole

Step 2: Put the indoor plant pot in a decorative wicker plant basket

Step 3: Place the plant basket in any room in your house with the sunlight

Adjust sunlight and position with care:

Because sunlight is important and a requirement for indoor plants. Most plants need a light with a certain amount substantially, for indoor plants cover with the woven basket require moderate sunlight, less intense direct light, bright, indirect light from an east-facing window is perfect for many indoor plants.

If the windows face west or south, we need to move the plants away from the window or soften the intensity with sheer drapes or a light curtain.

Water indoor plant regularly depends on the specific plant, sometimes clean the wicker plant basket and take out water under hole if available.

Drainage is important for all plants. Every pot must have a drainage hole in the bottom. Be sure the inner pot never stands in water. Moisture that absorbs through the hole can cause the plant to rot.

Placing position:

Whether you want to decorate your living room or kitchen, bedroom,

Lounge area, relaxing station with wicker plant baskets, you definitely can place them next to the table, on the window seals, or any position with moderate sunlight.

They make your living spaces look fresh, healthy, and relaxing.

Various plant baskets materials:

Typically, Vietnam handicraft manufacturing companies produce several types of indoor wicker plant baskets from seagrass, rattan, bamboo, and water hyacinth materials. However, the indoor seagrass plant basket is the most popular one, following by the indoor rattan woven plant basket.

Those different types of indoor woven plant baskets have a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. The beautiful ones usually are chosen by natural brown color, belly shape, some are colored by white, black, or grey color. You have plenty of choices to pick the one that suits your taste.

Seagrass belly plant basket

Seagrass Plant Basket: SGPB-02

                                                                 “Colored indoor seagrass woven plant baskets.”

Rattan woven plant basket

Rattan plant baskets

                                                                                     “Indoor rattan plant baskets”


4. Wholesale wicker plant basket supplier and manufacturer from Vietnam

Once you search for decoration home living with those beautiful indoor plant baskets, either you come to buy some or look for wholesale suppliers. Vietnam wicker plant baskets are popular with their high-quality, reasonable price, and beautiful functional look.

There are hundreds of handcrafted products wholesale suppliers or manufacturers located across Vietnam, mostly they collect raw materials from rustic villages, then deliver to factories and by the skillful hands of artisans, those make beautiful handcrafted products, among those items, indoor woven plant baskets are the popular ones in traditional home décor in Vietnam. Especially, those beautiful, cheap and functional Vietnam hand-made products are selling popularly in the global market and on E-commerce platforms.

If you are searching for a trusted and high-quality handicraft manufacturer or exporter from Vietnam to import Eco-friendly indoor wicker plant baskets, look no further, contact us. We (SoulSante company) are one of the trusted handcrafted production manufacturing companies in Vietnam, we produce and supply either a small number of plant baskets or large quantity woven basket planters with high-quality products, cost-effective, time-saving.

Come to visit our product categories on our website for more details and other amazing handcrafted products from raw materials such as seagrass, bamboo, rattan, and water hyacinth.

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